About The Brazil Link

Are you passionate about Brazil? Do you love the sounds, the sights and the energy? We too love what Brazil has to offer and we love showing Brazil what the Caribbean region has for them as well. With a team coming from both regions, we recognise that we have much in common namely food, culture, music, art and our warm and talented people. These are just some of the riches that we both share. We at The Brazil Link help you connect through language, culture, trade, education and sport.

Our Mission

To become the number one facilitator of sport, cultural and educational exchange programmes between Brazil and the Caribbean.

Why choose The Brazil Link?

Our team has over 10 years of international business, foreign language and cultural training experience. By providing cultural expertise and by acting as facilitators, we make doing business in Brazil easy. We also assist with your travel plans where relevant, both international and domestic, accommodation and activities while you are there.

Why trade with companies in Brazil?

As the sixth largest economy in the world, Brazil has enormous potential for savvy business owners who want to expand their business. The range of products available to importers is immense, while Brazil’s growing consumer market means that Caribbean companies have a large pool of new potential buyers.
Our regions already have a strong history of doing business together. Brazil is second only to the US as Trinidad and Tobago’s largest trading partner. There is an opportunity to strengthen this and other relationships in the Caribbean.
With its proximity to the region, favourable shipping times, competitive pricing, and a growing economy, Brazil provides exciting possibilities for Caribbean businesses.

Why travel abroad?

Travelling opens your mind and refreshes your senses. We love combining travel with education and sport for many reasons. Participating in sports builds relationships, creates friendships and long lasting partnerships. You never stop learning and travelling allows you to share your own culture as well as experience different ones. Travelling as a sporting group is usually an exciting one, the athletes learn from their competitors both on the off the filed/track. The parents that accompany the groups enjoy themselves too as they sample new food and drink as well as document these memories of their kids participating in activities abroad.