Travelling is a wonderful thing to do; it can leave you with lots of memories, friends and stories to tell people about later in life. It is definitely better to see something once or go somewhere once than to hear about it 1000 times. We encourage you to travel with us as we explore and discover Brazil in our carefully planned travel packages. Our packages include flights, accommodation, a bi-lingual liaison guide as well as breakfast. Some tours may include specific meals or activities and these will be communicated at a later date.

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Brazilian Crash Course

You can’t go wrong with our Brazilian Crash Course. What is better than a training session where you get to clear all your doubts and learn more about the Culture. Not to mention that our Brazilian instructor will make you get the right pronunciation.
We use a lot of our own material and relevant content to help you achieve your language learning objectives. Learning a language is more than just grammar and vocabulary, you need to live it as well. With this in mind our classes are not just blackboard and chalk sessions or whiteboard and marker sessions. We use live calls, videos, articles and relevant information in the sessions to ensure that you leave speaking Portuguese.

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Sweets of Brazil

It all started when we decided to give ‘brigadeiros’ as presents to our closest friends and clients. Soon after that the requests for more started to come. ‘Why not do it as a business?’ we thought.

What are Brigadeiros?
Brigadeiro (pronounced BREE-GAH-DAY-RO) is the most popular sweet in Brazil.
It brings back our best childhood memories of birthday parties. Most Brazilians will tell you how they remember helping to roll them and all the excitement involved in preparations before a party and the best part is that they are small enough to eat while you play with your friends.
The most famous flavour is milk chocolate, it is a mix of condensed milk and cocoa powder. In addition to milk chocolate we also offer other flavours with cocoa in the recipe: coffee, dark chocolate and peanuts. For those looking for something without cocoa, we also have: caramel, coconut, white chocolate and vanilla.
They are almost the same size of a truffle, but soft and smooth like nothing else. Every time you bite it, you’ll taste a piece of paradise.

Where can you find us and how can order our brigadeiros?

All orders are placed online via our Facebook page or over the phone at 1 (868) 384-7205.