• Investing in Education home and abroad

    As educators and foreign language enthusiasts it is our goal to promote education and cultural exchanges in as many ways as possible. The more traditional ways include study tours and student exchange visits. Our education consultancy projects involve international student recruitment, foreign language tuition and intercultural consultancy sessions.

    The promotion of student exchanges offer many advantage for students and educational institutions alike and the Caribbean is well placed to benefit from this. In our region of South and Central America we have countries where English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese are all spoken. How can the English speaking Caribbean benefit from these learners and tap into this market?

    At the Brazil Link we assist both institutions and learners achieve their different goals. These could include increasing student numbers, recruiting different types of students (graduate, post graduate) or even drafting recruitment marketing plans. For students we can help identify the right place for you to study, the right course based on your objectives.

  • International Student Recruitment

    The education institutions of Trinidad and Tobago are fantastic options for international students. Our brand in Brazil – Intercambio no Caribe – is where students from Brazil  learn about study opportunities in the Caribbean. Since 2014 we have been working with educational institutions within the Caribbean to help them successfully attract international students who wish to undertake undergraduate, post-graduate and English as a Second Language courses.

    With numerous competitively priced courses available, the Caribbean is an ideal destination and feasible alternative for students from the Americas. Students may be looking for more affordable destinations to complete their degrees and some may also be looking for places to spend holidays and learn English. Competitive course costs, a wide range of them at all levels of tertiary education, world class institutions, highly qualified and internationally trained staff as well as top of the range infrastructure are some more great reasons why our region can be viable options for foreigners.

    Our location 11km from the South American continent and in close proximity to other islands and countries in the region allows us to welcome foreign students and educators alike. Trinidad and Tobago is only a few hours away from Central and South America with regular direct and indirect flights to the region via Panama, Suriname, Curaçao and Miami.

    Whilst encouraging international students allows the strengthening of international relationships and bilateral trade agreements it also brings in much needed foreign exchange through both education and tourism. By aligning our strengths as world class educators and a tourism destination we are now able to develop different market segments to cater to the needs of our international customers. The Brazil Link helps institutions develop their courses and plans to meet the requirements of international students. We also assist institutions in developing their own brand and export marketing plan to attract more students. For more information contact us

  • Study Abroad

    Invest in your Education abroad

    Many agree that learning foreign languages more than just boosts your CV. It is handy for travelling and can be a major factor in developing lifelong relationships.
    The list of benefits is long. Apart from getting smarter, more decisive and better at your first language, you’d love to still improve your your CV, go on business trips, get a promotion at work, or get transferred overseas, wouldn’t you?

    There is no better way of standing out than being the one who can communicate with foreign based clients or partners. Not to mention that when you learn a language you not only learn grammar and vocabulary, the cultural aspects are always essential to ensure that you are better prepared to deal with various situations that you will encounter abroad that will come.

    After knowing the benefits of learning a second language it is time to choose one, right?
    Whilst French and Spanish are common in the Caribbean region, we believe Brazilian Portuguese is the future.

    • There are 203 million people in South America that speak it
    • Brazil is the 6th largest economy in the world and closest of those to Trinidad and Tobago
    • Trade between T&T and Brazil is over US$1 billion a year
    • T&T oil workers are wanted in Brazil
    • The Brazilian Market is one of the best in the world to invest in with such big population – “Coca-Cola put Brazil in the group of most significant countries for the company other than the United States and along with Mexico, China and Japan.”

    Have you considered doing your first degree, masters or even doctorate in Brazil? Probably not I imagine, but did you know that as a Trinidad and Tobago national you can do your tertiary education free of charge in Brazil and receive a monthly stipend to help with expenses?

    All these benefits and opportunities await you. What are you waiting for to start your Brazilian Portuguese Classes?

  • Brazilian Crash Course

    You can’t go wrong with our Brazilian Crash Course. What is better than a training session where you get to clear all your doubts and learn more about the Culture. Not to mention that our Brazilian instructor will make you get the right pronunciation.

    Would you like to find out more about the Crash Course? Click here

    To learn about the Organisation of America States and the Brazil Scholarship Programme,

Our Projects

    TTHTI Internship 2013
    Asked to find an international experience for 20 fabulous students from the Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality Institute, we were welcomed by the Enotel group of Hotels in Porto de Galinhas, Pernambuco Brazil. These students did internships in different departments of the resort, kitchen, administration, reception and concierge during the months of April and July. Many of the interns then went onto careers within the hospitality industry, caterers, event organizers and brand ambassadors for local brands.

    Johnson Matthey 2014
    Over the last few years and with the strength of the BRICS, the Brazilian economy has grown. Trinidad and Tobago and other Caribbean islands have increased their trade with Brazil, some companies even have offices in both countries and require employees to speak both English and Portuguese. Here are some of our students from Johnson Mathey who are improving their Portuguese so that they can better connect with their Brazilian counterparts. These guys travel a lot for work so the extra tips will always be handy.

    Student Recruitment Fair
    Sao Paulo 2015, 2016

    The Caribbean can be ideal place for students from other parts of the world to come to study. The cost of living and study makes it an attractive place to earn a degree or to do courses in English as a Second Language. We regularly attend student recruitment fairs in Brazil to encourage them to come to Trinidad and Tobago and Jamaica to learn English. In this particular student recruitment fair in São Paulo over 15,000 students attend over a weekend. It is our role to advertise and market the Caribbean as an ideal place to study and enjoy leisure activities.

    Portuguese Language Classes 
    Aprende português para que? Why should you learn Portuguese? In our region of Latin and Central America, Portuguese is 2nd to Spanish but for some reason in schools in the Caribbean we focus on French. Learning Portuguese opens the doors to the largest country by size and population in our region and can give you that competitive edge. Access to the Brazilian market and their 200 million population is something that many Caribbean countries could look to as an effort to diversify their respective markets. So get in touch and let’s see how we can help you falar português!