Have you ever traveled abroad for a sporting competition or for leisure? Have you ever done it in a group?

    Are you looking for somewhere to take your team during the holidays? Why not consider our Sports Travel Packages? Our sports packages are designed to allow you to travel to a new destination and learn about a new culture while playing your favourite sport. We are the experts who can assist you with:

      • International and domestic flights
      • Accommodation
      • Meals
      • Airport Transfers
      • Tours
      • Friendly matches
      • Training sessions
      • Coaching
      • Insurance

    With our connections in Central and South America we will help you test yourself and your teams against teams from these regions.

    Before you travel, we provide you with a crash course so that you are familiar with some of the customs, language and specifics of your chosen country.

    Some of these tips include money exchange, food, clothing and temperature as well as local language if applicable. So, did we miss anything?

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      Playing against other teams from other countries allows you to test yourself and improve your game. We love going to Suriname, it’s nearby, English is widely spoken and they have excellent facilities that are ideal for sporting.


    Our Projects

      Gasparillo and Environs Youth Sports Foundation 2018 .
      Sport and travel are two of our passions, so being able to combine them in projects is something we get excited about. We work with partners in Panama, Suriname, Brazil to name a few and take athletes to these locations to test themselves against other teams. These exchange allows kids opportunities to travel, bond and learn about other countries as well as to have fun.
      Here we have a group from Gasparillo and Environs Youth Football Club who enjoyed a 10 day trip playing a tournament against a team from French Guyana and Suriname in Suriname as well as a 5 days tournament against teams in the city of Castanhal in the Brazilian state of Pará.

      Cox Coaching Academy 2018
      Cox Coaching Academy is another premier coaching school in Trinidad and Tobago. They are located in Palo Seco and over the years a number of national team players learned and honed their football skills with coach Cox and his team. Here is a picture of the U10 team before their first match of their 2018 tour in São Paulo, Brazil. 

       Foz Cataratas Football Team 2015
      This women’s football team from Brazil came to Trinidad and Tobago to take part in a women’s football league. This group of players hailed from all parts of Brazil but represented the Foz Cataratas football team from the town of Iguaçu Falls. It was our pleasure to recruit this team for the inaugural Women’s Premier Football League in 2015 in Trinidad and Tobago. This fantastic opportunity for athletes both foreign and local allowed them to show off their skills and to make important contacts in the world of football. As the team chaperones, we accompanied the group as they discovered Trinidad and Tobago and enjoyed our culture.

      Deportivo Saprissa 2015
      Deportivo Saprissa is one of the most succesful teams in Costa Rica and by extension Costa Rica. In 2015 they came to Trinidad and Tobago to play the return leg of their Scotiabank Champions League match against W Connection. As the team’s liaison officer it was my role to ensure communication between the team and the organizers. As a liaison officer groups comes to you for all manner of requests and it is up to you and the team to ensure their requests can be met. The team enjoyed their stay and even had an opportunity to train at the iconic St Mary’s College grounds.